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Unfortunately, the People Were Deprived of the Full PFD.

I voted for it and will keep fighting for you.

Lion’s Park Bill has Passed
the House and Senate

Based upon the collective effort of our Chugiak – Eagle River delegation, HB304 has unanimously passed out of both the House and Senate. It transfers the 40 acres of Lion’s Park from the State to the Eagle River Lion’s Club to be used as a park for perpetuity.

Thank you everyone who helped this effort.

Tardive week FINAL.jpeg

Vaccination Equivalents
HB 278

Sponsored by Rep. Ken McCarty

This bill recognizes natural immunity as an alternative to the vaccine for COVID-19.



HB 278 Sponsor Statement.jpg

Rep. Ken McCarty took lead on making a Statement to Canada's Prime Minister.

Alaska Legislature asks Canadian and United States Governments to drop vaccination requirement for truckers

In a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a bipartisan group of the Alaska State Legislature is calling on the Canadian government to waive the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for United States truck drivers crossing the Canadian border. Since Jan. 15, 2022, U.S. truck drivers who choose to be unvaccinated are being denied entry into Canada. Previously, Canada allowed unvaccinated essential workers to cross the border into Canada from the U.S. as not to interrupt the supply chain. This Saturday, the U.S. will implement a similar vaccination mandate for Canadian freight drivers this Saturday, Jan. 22, 2022. Both countries face exacerbated shortages of food and other essential supplies due to vaccine mandates and driver 
“The vaccination mandate imposed on truck drivers will have devastating consequences for Alaskans,” said Rep. Ken McCarty, R-Eagle River, who spearheaded the letter to Prime Minister Trudeau. “In most stores, Alaskans walk by bare shelves that used to hold food, auto parts and building materials. The strained supply chain drives up prices and adversely affects the livelihoods of Alaskans which depends on the flow of goods supplied by truckers crossing the Canadian border.”
In a forthcoming letter, members of the Alaska State Legislature are also asking President Joe Biden to rescind the vaccination requirement for truckers entering the United States. Approximately 70 percent of the $648 billion in trade between Canada and the U.S. moves by truck, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance. 
The American Truckers Association and the Canadian Truckers Association have both argued that because drivers are usually isolated from the public, they have lower rates of coronavirus infection and pose little risk to public health. The Alaska Trucking Association opposes the vaccine requirement for freight drivers.
“Alaskans cherish our cooperative relationship with our Canadian neighbors,” said Senator Shelley Hughes, R-Palmer, who is leading the request to inform President Biden to lift the vaccination requirement at the United States border. “The transportation of goods between and through our lands is vital and beneficial to both Alaskans and Canadians and should continue uninterrupted. It is essential that the Canadian and United States governments waive the vaccination requirement for freight drivers passing through Canada to Alaska before food shortages and lack of other essential goods become a crisis.”

Canadian Alaskan Trucking Issues Letter to PM Trudeau Page 1.jpg
Canadian Alaskan Trucking Issues Letter to PM Trudeau Page 2 Edited.jpg
Canadian Alaskan Trucking Issues Letter to PM Trudeau Page 3.jpg

Rep. McCarty is very involved as your legislator in Juneau and back home.

On Friday, February 12th, he is at Birchwood Airport addressing fellow aviators about the changes at Birchwood Airport and how it can lead to a good future if all involved come together.

Ken McCarty BCV meeting.jpg

Capstone's COVID testing site in Eagle River is currently creating traffic problems on Old Glenn Highway. Traffic was seen to have backed up about 1/4th of a mile which can be hazardous for drivers on the road, especially with our Alaskan weather conditions. The traffic is also depriving businesses from receiving customers.


Rep. Ken McCarty is currently talking with the Department of Health and Social Services, Capstone, and the Mayor's office to mitigate the issue and avoid potential hazards that can cause major accidents on the highway.


Due to Traffic issues, Capstone changes their location to near Garcia’s.
Watch the video to learn more!

Parents' Rights Proclamation Signed!

No More Vaccine Mandates.png

Today, Alaska has been freed from healthcare tyranny by forcing our limited healthcare workers from serving Alaskans and jeopardizing their livelihood.


The Federal District Court has issued a preliminary injunction against President Biden’s order. Healthcare workers can now keep their jobs without getting the Jab.

To all Alaska healthcare workers, thanks for serving! 

Parents' Rights Proclamation.jpg
Parents' Rights Proclamation Signed.jpg

We declare November Parents' Rights in Education Month affirming the constitutional right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children. 

Support Governor Dunleavy's Administrative Order No. 325

I stand with the Governor to secure the rights of Alaskans and thwart the apparent tyrannical actions of President Biden.

The positioning of President Biden stands against the sovereignty of Alaska, our Constitution, and its United beliefs with the U.S. Constitution.  Administrative Order No. 325 sets the record straight.


COVID-19 Stabilization Grant Application  

thread is partnering with the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Child Care Program Office (CCPO) to assist with administering the first phase of ARPA funding. The CCPO is the lead agency distributing the funds and thread is the intermediary. As the intermediary, thread is overseeing the grant application and check disbursement processes.

Click on the image below to learn more and/or submit your application.


Feb 15, 2021- A message from Rep. McCarty after Gov. Dunleavy announced a transition out of the state Covid Emergency Declaration.

HB 4010 - POMV PFD Formula To Help Alaskans

By Representative Ken McCarty 

Sponsor Statement for House Bill 4010
HB4007 Sectional Analysis Page 1
HB4007 Sectional Analysis Page 2


Today, the Legislative House has been discussing some very powerful premise / foundational elements of society.  

Unfortunately, there are some legislators who appear to have lost touch with society and are making outlandish statements as if this is what you (the majority of the people) desire. I believe in informed decision-making and your ability to make decisions on your own.  

I am not opposed to vaccinations, and I am not opposed to alternative treatments to empower your immune system, as well as treatments to overcome COVID.  


Multiple medical professionals (e.g. doctors and medical researchers) inform me that we have viable treatments like Monoclonal Antibody Treatment, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin, and more. There are significant studies in other countries that are availing reliable data regarding COVID that is affirming treatment options outside of vaccination. As someone who got COVID last year at Thanksgiving and survived, I know how the virus can affect someone. I did not see a physician because I was hearing they were only referring people to go home and wait it out. I took vitamin C, D, zinc, and aspirin, as well as hot tub. Over 10 days later I was better but very tired.  

As your State Representative going to Juneau, I was told by the State Medical Director that I had immunity for only 90 days, thus did not have to be tested until after February 25. Some 109 days after testing positive with COVID, I encountered someone who tested positive for COVID and was forced to quarantine for 10 days, as supposedly according to “science” I did not have immunity anymore. I did not get COVID and from February until June I did the weekly mandated COVID testing with negative results in ALL tests. From a scientific method observation with standard and reliable evidence, my situation could easily be published to refute unfounded hypothesis and mantra by our State Medical Director, CDC, and some legislators. Empowering your immune system and good hygiene goes a long way.

I support your autonomy to choose. I desire that the state be completely transparent in an equitable manner about all interventions for COVID rather emphasizing vaccinations. I desire that you get a substantial PFD, as you deserve it too.  

I desire getting our economy back to good functioning with food security. I desire improved access to healthcare, which includes immediate house visits for COVID interventions, so people do not have to go to the E.R. I believe in you and will fight for your ability to choose.

Now, I return to the Floor of the Legislative House to continue the fight.

At Your Service,
Ken McCarty
House District 13
Chugiak / Eagle River / JBER
(907) 465-3783
(877) 460-3783 Toll Free

Alaska House Republicans Stand With Alaskans on Patients' Rights Press Release.png

It's unfortunate to announce that DHSS had a massive cyberattack and many Alaskans' Social Security Numbers and other private information were compromised in the cyberattack.

Please see the link below to learn more about what happened and what DHSS is doing about it. Alaskans will get a code via mail to get FREE CREDIT MONITORING SOFTWARE to better protect your private information.

Cyberattack on DHSS website includes HIPAA and APIPA breach 

At the State Fair, Governor Dunleavy signed SB 27 into law! Alaskans can now grow, manufacture, and sell Alaskan Grown Hemp!


Another great success for Alaska Industry!

During the State Fair, Governor Dunleavy Signed HB 22 which allows farmers and others to sell raw goat milk to the public!

A win for Alaska's Agriculture!

Rep Ken at the Alaska State Fair.jpg
Rep Ken, Rep Rauscher & Sen Revak at the Alaska State Fair.jpg
Signed SB27.jpg


Look at the pictures below, they prove that we can afford to give Alaskans the PFDs they DESERVE!