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Covid-19 Information

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Learn more from the experts on COVID
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It can be hard to know where to go to find accurate and up-to-date information on covid-19 without the hype and hysteria. I tested positive for the Corona Virus in November 2020 and have made a full recovery.  My donated blood and plasma to Blood Bank of Alaska especially helps others due to Covid antibodies.

Click here to read my personal COVID Testimonial.

As a mental health professional I am deeply concerned about the negative affects from prolonged social distancing, quarantine mandates, and limited or misrepresented information regarding Covid and interventions outside of vaccination. I want Alaskans to feel empowered and confident to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their families, instead of feeling pressured to act in certain ways out of unnecessary fear.

  Fear vs. F.E.A.R
        False Evidence Appearing Real

Unnecessary anxiety and excessive worry can increase your risk of infection and lower your immune system; therefore, choose wisely what to fear and live boldly.



According to Immunology and Viral Experts, the mind / body connection has amazing synergy.  You are not so vulnerable, as some promote.  Worldwide treatments to empower the synergy by positive attitude and daily consumption of the following:

·       Vitamin C

·       Vitamin D3 (4,000-6,000iu)

·       Zinc (Not to be consumed regularly, but randomly and with the onset of symptoms)

·       Aspirin or blood thinner medication

·       Multiple Vitamin

Empower your environment by cleanliness. Disinfecting doors, light switches, computer keyboards, and counters.  Air treatments such as Hepa filters, UVC light, and Ozone machines kills virus, bacteria, and mold.

Treatments & Vaccines


Additional COVID-19 News

Important Phone Numbers

Help line on HESS website:
907-646-3322 (option 4)

Fairweather in the Tikahtnu Commons next to Lowe’s:

Wasilla Urgent Care – Lake Lucille:
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Ivermectin is one of the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines and won a Nobel Prize in 2015.  As an anti-parasitic drug it is proven to be safe and effective worldwide by over 4 billion people.  Clinical trials, physician reports, and application by multiple countries (e.g. Brazil, El Salvador, Japan, India, U.S.A., etc) report very promising outcomes in reducing the symptoms, viral transmission, and death due to COVID-19.  The FDA recognizes it to be prescribed by a physician.

The Story of Ivermectin (
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As of September 24, 2021, 354,933 Alaskans have received full COVID Vaccine. You can find up to date vaccine data at the State DHSS Website here. 

If you have not received the vaccine, or you don't plan to, there are other treatments available to prevent or treat Covid-19.  Some people due to prior medical issues cannot receive the vaccination.  Whether choice, belief, or medical necessity you are not ostracized to live your healthy Alaskan dream, you do have options.

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